$70 Per User, Per Month

Use this calculator to determine the exact cost of teamMarine's service

Total # of Standard Users:

  (@ $70/user)

Total # of Techs:

  (@ $40/user)

# of Build-a-Boat Brands:


SMS Texting:

   ($20/month + $200 setup)


   ($20/month + $200 setup)

DockMaster Integration:

   ($200 one-time setup fee)

Monthly Fee:

Annual Fee:


First Year:


Please Note: Following the Free Trial, customers moving forward with teamMarine will have the choice of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly billing but must agree to our services for 12 months and do so each subsequent year.

*Additional charges, billed at $100 per hour, may apply to any extensive data migration, customization, and/or training performed.