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webMaster Solution

The boat buying process begins with a great website. Make sure yours looks its best with a fully modern design that's managed with Salesforce® and the teamMarine-Marketing app!

Fresh & Clean Look

Raise the bar with a website designed specifically for the boating industry

Responsive Design

Offer a site that's compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

Easy to Maintain

Use WordPress, the industry standard for content management on the web

Synced with Salesforce®

Maintain your entire boat and trailer inventory using Salesforce®

Design Elements

What makes the teamMarine webMaster solution so great? Consider these key design elements that go into this powerful service offering:



Some of today's nicest, feature-rich websites run on WordPress, the open source industry standard for content management on the web. Use it to serve up information about your dealership, draw attention to all of your boats and trailers for sale, add blogs to highlight past and future events, include feeds from your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and compliment your site with customer testimonials.

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Salesforce® Integration

It's one thing to have a nice looking website but keeping it up-to-date with your latest inventory is another. Manage all of your boats and trailers in a database instead of manually updating listings on the website. When a boat is sold in Salesforce®, or when a price changes, have the website listing automatically update to reflect this. With the added teamMarine-Sales app, all leads from prospective boat buyers are logged directly in Salesforce® where you can then better manage and follow up with them.


Responsive Design

Separate "mobile" sites are out and "responsive" sites are in. Why have a mobile site that looks nothing like your main website when you can have a design that looks great on any device? No need to maintain separate sites for different platforms when you can have a single site that works on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Your site can be mobile without making customers download and install a separate mobile app!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You've worked hard to get your site listed at the top of Internet searches and you don't want to lose your positive ranking. Or, you're looking for a website with good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built right in to every page. With teamMarine webMaster, you get a site that's designed to score well with all popular search engines.

Live Example

Don't take our word for it. The best way to see the webMaster solution in action is to browse a live customer site. Click below to visit Advantage Yacht Sales' website, powered by teamMarine:

Advantage Yacht Sales


Consider this checklist of features included with a teamMarine website:

  • Uses a modern, responsive design technique that looks good on any device
  • Does not require a separate mobile site or native mobile app
  • Has search engine optimization (SEO) built into every page
  • Includes a blog that lets you share information and pictures about past and future events
  • Allows you to display nice, big, high-res images at the top of your site and then change them whenever you want
  • Includes a beautiful photo gallery to display your boats and trailers
  • Allows you to customize and arrange the menu of pages for your site
  • Offers scrolling quotes and testimonials from your customers
  • Is optimized to load quickly on any device and utilizes advanced caching and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speed up performance
  • Provides integrated search tools around year, make, model, length, price range, and more
  • Allows you to highlight the "Boat of the Week," other "Featured Boats," and "New Additions" to the site right on the homepage
  • Includes special filters for "New Boats," "Certified Trades," and "Brokerage Boats" for sale
  • Lets you feature your new boat brands using the manufacturer's logo
  • Offers the latest bells-and-whistles in today's website design
  • Lets you incorporate full-bleed photo backgrounds to add an element of interest to your site
  • Allows you to easily tie your site to a free Google Analytics account so you can get all kinds of data about how your site is being used
  • Includes a built-in, customizable cost calculator for each inventory listing
  • Lets you display your Facebook and Twitter feeds on your website
  • Allows visitors to tag or "save" boats and trailers they're interested in for future reference
  • Lets you dynamically label your inventory with any special status (e.g., "Sold!," "On Order," "Contract Pending," etc.)
  • Includes a scrolling marquee to call attention to a boat or trailer's special features
  • Gives you the ability to hide or show pricing on the website with the click of a checkbox in Salesforce®
  • Provides a fully interactive Google map of your dealership's location along with driving directions and business hours
  • Includes "send to a friend" and social media sharing capabilities for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  • Integrates directly with Salesforce® making it quick and easy to manage boat & trailer inventory
  • Has built-in lead capture capability which can be fed directly into Salesforce® with the teamMarine-Sales app
  • Overall, makes your customers want to get back out on the water again!


Scroll through and click on the following screenshots to get an idea of what the teamMarine webMaster solution is like:

Your website should make customers want to get back out on the one of your boats!